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Gather around the campfire…

Do you remember when you were a child, sitting beside a crackling campfire, listening to the voice of your favorite storyteller? As embers popped and shadows danced, you became immersed in a tale of man and nature. You felt the exhaustion, the cold, the struggle. But you also lived the excitement, the triumph, and the exhilaration.

Those days can be lived again as you click through the pages of this website. There are three main categories: Adventures, Destinations, and Thoughts.

Adventures: These are my stories. Every one of them is a true tale of adventure that I personally lived. They may be exciting, humorous, or heartwarming. I usually head into the woods alone but as my kids have grown older, they’ve accompanied me into the outdoors more and more, creating additional wonderful memories that I never want to forget. A few of their adventures are included here.

Many of my tales are about hunting, but not all. I also enjoy day-hiking and backpacking into secluded and remote outdoor destinations. I’ve even climbed a few easy mountains, just for an elevated view. As you may have learned yourself, adventure can happen anywhere in the outdoors!

Destinations….: I’m sure many of you would like to visit some of the American West’s amazing outdoor destinations. This section contains detailed directions to many of the places that I’ve been. I’ve spent much of my life in Idaho, and a little bit in the surrounding states of Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, so that’s where many of these destinations are. I plan to continue expanding my boundaries, exploring more within these states and, eventually, beyond.

IMG_20150729_204255373_HDRA note about Destinations…: Please be responsible when you head into the outdoors. The weather can and usually does change abruptly, with little warning. Cell phone towers are often blocked by mountains and ridges. Be sure to plan in advance. Be prepared. My directions here do not replace a good map and compass, but they will provide a solid foundation for planning your own awesome adventure. On the longer trips, that explore deeper into the wilderness, I also include a few notes, cautions, or warnings to help others be more aware of what to expect.

Thoughts: This is my blog, where I write about a wide variety of outdoor topics.  It’s really a catch-all, a miscellaneous compiling of whatever thoughts I might have. I may give advice, write some poetry, relate news, review another website, or just tell you what I’m up to. I try to announce new stories and destinations here, too. If you’d like to receive notifications of new blog posts by email, you can easily subscribe at the top of the right-hand column of any page.

It will take a long time for me to write down all of my stories. I hope I can create new ones fast enough to never run out! Keep checking in for new stories, for directions to appealing destinations, and to peruse my thoughts.

The highest compliment I can receive is for my stories to be shared with others. So, if you find a story you really like, please share it! Also, I’d love to hear your feedback, which you can leave at the bottom of each page, or contact me, so I can make this site even better for you.

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  1. Thanks guys that is one thing in my life I would not change for anything. The animals killed none are trophies but I can say I killed what I have dreamed of hunting so in my eyes they are not only trophies they are memories I will never for get

  2. Hey Dave I used to live in Billings, MT I lived out my dream of hunting out west.I asked my ex wife if she would be willing to move out west, she thought I was crazy. At first. Two weeks later she agreed to it. At that time I had my own farm in West Virginia filled with all of the deer I wanted but I wanted to live out my dream so I sold the farm and all of the equipment and packed up the rest of our belongings and headed out west. Our first stop was Casper, WY lived there for approx. 5 months. We decided it was not to our liking so here we go again. Our next stop was Midwest, WY it lasted a month so we packed up our stuff and our next stop was Cody, WY at that time we had to return the Uhaul truck and the nearest place was Billings, MT it did not take us long we fell in love with that city so decided to planted our butts there. It did not take me long to know where was the best places to hunt the variety of game. the last year we lived in MT I killed Bear, Elk, Antelope, Mule deer, Pheasant and a wild turkey. I can now say I lived out my childhood dreams. Dad has said many times he would love to hunt out west but he died before he had a chance so I lived it for the both of us


      That’s a great story, Keith! I love it that you got to live out your dreams and have some terrific adventures. Keep on dreaming and chasing those dreams!

  3. Nice looks like a fun outdoor get away. Simply amazing love it

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